Embarking on this journey of mindfulness meditation is like taking a ride on a bike,for me.There is so  many things to observe. What I had learnt and seen before is fading.  New personal experiences are confusing. Yet I want to  continue the ride and gain more insight into myself.😊
“Use all the unwanted things in your life as the means for awakening compassion for yourself and others” (Pema Chődrőn) When I first read this at the cover of the book “start where you are” by Pema chodern, I had not the least idea how these words would make an impact in my thinking process. I finished reading the book as prescribed; a guide on how pain could be used as a tool for awakening a compassionate heart. The words at the cover page in fact created the turmoil even after keeping the book down. I started revisiting every corner of my life, looking for unwanted things. The search itself was self internalization. Every trash seemed to have some kind of utility. It was amusing, a frantic hunt for any unwanted things, in desperate need for transformation. Transformation did occur indeed, but not overnight. It took me through the process of having faith, gradual observation, developing patience, endurance, believing in the miracles of nature, and finally reaffirming my faith. The wisd…


Image the speed of light

First I was dying to finish high school and start college.
And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
And then i was dying to marry and have children.
And then I was dying for my children to grow up old enough for school so i could return back to work.
And then i was dying to retire.
And now, i am dying....and suddenly I realize I forgot to live!     (Unknown)

I remember jotting down this in my scrapbook so so long time back. i tried searching for the author to give my credits and alas! it turns out to be some one called "unknown". Sad. how can some one write something so "true" and call themselves " unknown". Never mind. I love this lines.I am almost half way through, and the last line scares me to death...ah what an irony!.